Latest Trends in Technology and How They Affect Small Businesses

Technology is one area which influences modern business more than anything. Even businesses not having any direct relation to technology are influenced by the technical changes within the industry. As a result of new tools and innovations, business processes and operations are changing as well. Below, I will discuss the latest technology trends that have the biggest impacts on business.

Simpler Payments

It is not any wonder that all the modern businesses accept payment credit cards. And online payments through PayPal are also becoming a common trend all over the world. With new mediums like Google Pay and Apple Pay entering the landscape, the online payment scenario is bound to get better within a short period of time.

What’s more, today’s savvy smartphone users are also making payments through advanced technologies like NFC. While making payments through mobile device is still in its infancy, it is expected to increase a lot within a short period of time. In order to adopt with the changing scenario, your business should be well-prepared to accept payment from through newer methods.


The Rise of Embedded Communication

While embedded technology is still pretty much confined within the payment methods, it is expected to penetrate into the communication sector too. Till now, you have to open dedicated apps like Skype, Whatsapp etc. for communicating with other parties.

However, real-time communication technologies want to change this. Soon, devices will have a dedicated way to make instant communication with the other parties. As an example, Amazon has already started putting a Mayday feature in its Kindle devices. This feature enables the user to get instant support any time of the day. On the other hand, Bank of America is installing a Teller Assist feature in their ATM’s. This will allow the customers to get live support in case of any emergencies.

Security is Taken More Seriously

While most businesses take their physical security features very seriously, that is not true when it comes to their digital properties. Email is not a full-proof communication method and the devices your employees use are not properly secured.

Most business websites fail to follow the standard safety protocols and there are large security holes in the online transactions systems. Due to these major security flaws, major businesses are abused every once in a while by some hackers from distant countries.

The time has come to take these issues seriously and to make sure that your business follows all the security measures. It is expected that security will get the utmost priority in the coming years.

Making More Use of Connected Devices

The prospect of connected devices and their use in modern businesses are really high. Compared to the traditional system of doing everything manually, the smart devices of the future will be able to communicate between themselves and work together.

Smart inventories will report when products are getting lower in quantity. In-field equipment will send alert when something unusual happens. Vehicles will automatically suggest different routes depending on the condition ahead.

These are all technologies that are currently being tested. With the help of the diversified data coming from various sources, modern businesses will be able to take better and smarter decisions.

How Technology is Affecting Small Business

Wrapping It Up

In order to sustain the competition, businesses need to adopt with the emerging technologies and make the most of them. The trends provided above will be the key players where small businesses should keep their focus. And if you have any other trend in mind, feel free to contact us.